I just spent a week in my community talking about the Yali Training, and I conducted some community activities. I will report each activity carried out, but let’s start with the most urgent:
Meeting with the indigenous people so called “pygmies” near Bambama village.
In Congo, Pygmies are the least privileged group; they are the minority, so they suffer from stigmatization and exclusion from the rest of the community. Because of this social exclusion, pygmies don’t have any children attending middle school near Bambama. Although there are no major differences between the rest of Congolese and the pygmies, it is a well-established norm in Congo to treat pygmies poorly like a slave because of their social status.

During my ten days trip, I decided to meet the pygmies community to gain a better understand of the problem they face. After a deep conversation with them, I understood a little bit some of their main problems. One problem is a lack of support and resources to send their kids to school. They told me if they have the minimum resources and an adequate help, they are willing to send 15 children to primary school and nine children in middle school. So a total of 24 children who might attend school this year if they get help.
That is why I agree to organize a fundraising for those 24 students this to send pygmies students to school. The total amount needed for those children to attend school is $500 for the first semester.

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