Motivation of Indigenous Parents Who Sent Kids to School

1-jancier-2On New Year’s Day, 2017, Espace Opoko organized an event to honor indigenous parents who are sending their kids to school this year. During that event, Averty Ndzoyi, the founder of Espace Opoko, distributed foods such as oil, rice, canned tomatoes, and other goods to those families as he did last year on New Year’s Day. In stark contrast to last year, when only few indigenous parents sent their kids to school, this year all indigenous parents are sending their children to school. Espace Opoko can now boast that its primary goal to reach out to the majority of the indigenous population was achieved.  It must be said, however, that going to school doesn’t ensure all kids will be successful. The next step for this young organization is to keep all the kids in school while at the same time improving their grades. It’s important to note: this year two indigenous children are enrolled in the class with the anticipation of moving on to the high school level.  Hopefully, they will meet the necessary grade requirements to be successfully accepted into high school.

Jan 1er 17 – Espace Opoko: Oil distribution to indigenous in Bambama village, – Rep. of Congo

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