Meeting the Women of the Watervliet Huddle


22664247_10214479764651690_1866129024_oOn October 14th of this year, Mr. Avery Ndzoyi, the founder of Espce Opoko, and Roland Nzaou, the founder of eSynergy organization were privileged to meet with an amazing group of women known as the Watervliet Huddle.  The Watervliet Huddle meet once a month in the upstate city of Watervliet, located just 10 miles north of Albany to brainstorm on government policies that matter to them and how they can contribute to make a difference in the their community as well as surrounding communities.

Mr. Ndzoyi, who is visiting the Albany area for the first time, met with the group so he could share the stories of challenge underprivileged and indigenous children of Sibiti and Bambama, Republic of Congo, struggle with on a daily basis.  He explained to the group how students with no financial support work very hard to go to school, but far too often, it’s simply not enough and their dreams of getting an education fade away.  He also shared the challenges he faces working to help these seemingly forgotten, indigenous children of Congo.

At the end of the meeting, some members were so moved that they formed a quick fundraiser.  Susan L. Morrison, Lois Gundrun, and Linda Kabrisky all gave generous donations of $30, $100, and four backpacks, respectively.  These contributions are greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward the goal of educating the children of Bambama and Sibiti.  These gifts will be instrumental in Espace Opoko’s determination to train students on the use of computers.  They will also be used by some of the staff for administrative purposes.

22657117_10214479776491986_494346930_nAnother meeting between Avery Ndzoyi, Roland Nzaou and the women of the Watervliet Huddle took place on October 16, 2017. During the meeting the Watervliet Huddle surprised Averty with a donation of two laptops, a camera record, a head set, two more backpacks, and blank DVD. Averty’d like to say “thank you” to the women of the Watervliet Huddle for being so willing to work with Espace Opoko and  eSynergy,  in our efforts to pave the way for the underprivileged children of Congo get the education they so deserve.  Let us stay confident in our efforts and watch how far this amazing experience will take us.  How many students will we be successful in getting a proper education?

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