With our partner, Alliance Biblique du Congo, we launched our training sessions of the pygmies people who can read and write. These sessions are taking place  in Sibiti, in the department of Lékoumou, in Southern Congo.

formation alphabetisation 1

These natives will be serving as instructors in various literacy centers that we will be opening soon.

All Staff at  Espace Opoko is  also participating  in this training in order to have the necessary knowledge to enable them to continue training other instructors  in other communities in the department where the indigenous people live.

This project will teach pygmies’ parents to read and write so that they can become active participants in the education of their children.

With reading being an open window to the world, this project also aims at giving pygmies parents role models and  characters to emulate in order to get out of the cultural constraints related to their immediate environment.

First, these centers will encourage parents to become involved in the education of children. Then by involving themselves in reading, parents will serve as role  models for their children through teaching by example.

Finally, these centers will allow Pygmy parents to escape the cultural constraints of their environment by discovering other models of life in books.

Special thanks  to all the natives who made the trip to participate in this event  during this rainy season.

formation alphabetisation 2

We continue to need support to feed and pay for the return of the indigenous back to their communities.

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