Last year , we enrolled 26 indigenous students including 12 girls and 14 boys at Liélé Nkama Primary School in Bambama.

Based on this year’s results, we are pleased to  report we reach our strategic goal of zero dropout

For the school year, 2019.   All of the 26 students stayed  enrolled in school and there was no one dropout at all. Moreover,  15 out of the 26 Students moved up to a higher grade.

Girls’ success rates have been decreasing this year due to illnesses,  and students participation in agricultural labor.  Unfortunately, lack of  funds did not allow us to keep up with our incentive program that so well helped us keep students at school  in previous.  To remedy this situation, we are preparing to launch a sponsorship program to send these indigenous students  back to school in October.Thanks to everyone who sponsored the children this year, giving  an opportunity  to attend  school and increase their chances for a better life.

Our thanks go specifically to:

Chancelle Bilampassi
Yousra N’diaye
Bouchra N’diaye Sabit
Phanuel Ngoyi
Marco Fernandez
Olsine Bikouya
Kristina Lewis Medina
Carmina Lass





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