The mission of Espace OPOKO is to empower the young people of the communities of Bambama and Sibiti, in the Republic of Congo, to help them take charge of their own lives. Due to structural poverty, young people in these rural areas often don’t have role models to look up to. At ESPACE OPOKO, our tutoring programs create role models by teaching these young people life skills and academic skills that will turn them into productive members of our society.

Students from these communities, due to them having to travel a great distance to get to school, live far away from their parents. To make matters worse, they often don’t have cell phones or other means of communications to communicate with their parents. In Sibiti, many of these students don’t have family who can help them or guide them. Faced with those difficulties, many of those students drop out of school to go back home and live with their parents. This needs to change.

The lack of money and communications makes it even harder for those young students to stay in touch with their parents. When homesickness, hunger and poverty interferes with the students ability to learn, they often drop out and go back home to live with their parents. Sadly, they end up sacrificing their future and the future of our community. At ESPACE OPOKO, we believe that supporting these young students with valuable resources and sound advice is the right thing to do. It is our firm goal to ease the suffering of these students, help them to remain in school and learn valuable life skills that will make their successful tomorrow.

These are the goals of our mentoring programs:
1. Teach young people life skill that will allow them to lead productive lives as members of our community
2. Improve their grades at school
3. Reduce or eliminate dropouts caused by lack of support at school
4. Help our young people to become life learners through continuous learning and improvement
5. Create a pool of role models in the community that can assist others to solve the problem in the community
6. Create and strengthen partnership between, parents, teachers and students
7. Increase parent’s involvement in the education of their children.

Please follow the “Get Involved” tab above to donate or volunteer.


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